Covid 19- School Closure Pack

20th March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

We have put together a pack of information to support Learning and Wellbeing during our school closure. These will be posted out on Saturday 21st March 2020 in hard copy for everyone. 

Pack Item 1 .pdf - Updates on how we continue to develop our services for all young people and their families (19th March 2020)


Pack Item 3.pdf - Google Classroom codes for every class

 Pack Item 4-.pdf- Some guidance for the use of Google Classroom

Pack Item 5.pdf - Letter to senior pupils about exams (*please make sure they have read this) (19th March 2020)

Pack Item 6.pdf - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update (19th March 2020)

Pack Item 7.pdf - The SQA Statement dated 19th March 2020

Pack Item 8.pdf - Advice to parents about supporting your child, especially on being confined to home

Pack Item 9.pdf - An A3, coloured diagram showing how we will run all the different parts of the school and a key contacts list with Guidance Teacher email addresses so you can keep in touch

Pack Item 10.pdf - The National Statement from John Swinney dated 19th March 2020

Pack Item 11.pdf - Some VERY IMPORTANT selections of guidance and helpful websites about health and well-being issues, from the NHS and partners




Should you require any further information or support please contact your child's Guidance teacher.