Parent Council

Next Parent Council Meeting - Monday 15th February 2016 at 6pm in the school library

The Parent Council meets about 5 times a year and we have a number of sub groups supporting projects identified with the school. Supporting parents, Health and Wellbeing and Fundraising groups with parents involved in each group. Parent Council members are involved in the Curricular Architecture Group – reviewing the current Curriculum for Excellence timetable for pupils. The Champions group is involved in the new school consultation process with staff, pupils and parents including members from Parent Council.

There is a lot going on in the school – new school, new curriculum and as parents and carers, this is a way for us to support the High School in doing its best for our children. If you are interested in joining the Parent Council then you can put your name forward at the meeting otherwise just come along and find out a bit more about it.

click here for minutes of the Parent Council meetings

CHAIRPERSON Mrs Nicky Campbell

VICE-CHAIR Mr Gordon McNab

TREASURER Mrs Helen Hennessey

SECRETARY Mr Jamie Houston