S4 - S6 Curriculum Consultation

A part of the senior phase curriculum review, we would like you to have a look at the models attached. These are for 4 very different schools and are recommended as examples of best practise by Education Scotland. There was a parental engagement meeting last week where some parents and staff members went through the models and noted pros and cons. We have kept these to take into consideration with other feedback from staff and pupils. Each model sets out the context of the school and it takes a wee while to digest that and compare it with our context here in OHS. You may wish to give comments individually or as a department, or both. All comments are welcome. We still have to do pupil focus groups. Once all parties have been consulted we will then put together a possible senior phase model for Oban High School for a penultimate review.

Thanks for giving this some consideration.


Example of Curricular Models.pdf