Food Technology

The Health Food Technology Department– what it is all about….

Health & Food Technology is a subject which belongs to two areas of the Curriculum for Excellence; Food Product Design and Contemporary Food Issues are from the Technology area of the curriculum while Diet And Health are at the centre of Health & Wellbeing.

The principal aim of the Food Technology Department is to develop and promote skills of independence and confidence in the areas of food preparation, life choices and product design. Pupils’ experience in Food Technology will also develop an awareness of the differing needs of individuals in the wider sense: assisting in their preparation for living independently and for taking responsibility for others.


The department has two extremely well equipped Food Technology kitchens; one of which benefits from an adjoining classroom area.




Principal Teacher: Mr Murray Hamilton (PT Health and Wellbeing)      

Full Time Teacher: Miss H Douglas

Classroom Technician: Ms Jane MacEachan

S1 - S3 Curriculum

Curriculum - Broad General Education


S1-3 Food Technology

Time allocation:    3 x 45 minutes for S3 Elective

Providing this secure base in life skills during S3 is especially important for those pupils who will not return beyond third year.  For those continuing beyond third year NGE units provide and excellent basis for further study in either of the courses offered in S4:

· Health and Food Technology

· Hospitality Practical Cookery

S4 - S6 Curriculum

S4 Food Technology

In S4 pupils can follow one of two routes, these being: Health and Food Technology; or Hospitality Practical Cookery – depending on which area of the Broad General course they have enjoyed.