French, Spanish and Gaelic

By their very nature French and Gaelic are well placed to cater for the four CfE capacities:
• Successful Learners
• Confident Individuals
• Effective Contributors
• Responsible Citizens

At Oban High School we offer French, Gaelic, Gàidhlig and Spanish at all levels up to Advanced Higher.

In S1 all pupils learn French, Gaelic and Spanish throughout the year. At the end of S1 they decide which language they would like to focus on in S2 and S3. They can then progress with that language in S4 and beyond if they wish.

Pupils from Gàidhlig Medium Units in Rockfield and Strath of Appin primaries continue to study Gàidhlig in S1, S2 and S3 and can continue to do so in S4 to S6.

All pupils can study a further language from French, Spanish or Gaelic in S3 if they wish and can continue to study it into S4 and beyond.

S1 - S3 Curriculum

S1 to S2
The S1-S2 CfE course will cover the Experiences and Outcomes for Modern Languages and Gaelic, continuing to focus on the modes of Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening. In order for pupils to be able to understand and use the language there will be an increased emphasis on:

• Knowing about Language – understanding the rules of the language.
• High Frequency Words and phrases – the words which are used repeatedly in a language and which are therefore the most useful.
• Dictionary skills.
• Active learning – from playing games to using show me boards.
• Language learning skills to equip pupils with a range of strategies for learning new vocabulary and grammar points.


As pupils progress into S3 they will continue to work on the above key skills. Progression is supported between levels as follows:

• increased independence and reduced level of support, including peer or teacher support, and support through wordlists and dictionaries.
• increased length and complexity of text and task in listening and reading.
• increased length, complexity and accuracy of response in talking and writing.
• focus on language related to making transactions.
• increased confidence in the awareness of language rules
• increased confidence in taking the initiative.


In S1 pupils experience all 3 languages and look at topics such as introductions, learning about school and likes and dislikes

In S2 pupils will choose one language to study, and will continue with the study of that language into S3.


French topics in S2 and S3

S2 Sports, hobbies and freetime
Describing where you live
Talking about holidays and eating out
All about Paris

S3 Film Review
Family and friends
Talking about jobs
Applying for jobs
Talking about future plans


Gaelic topics in S2 and S3

S2 All about school
Family and friends
Food/ drink and healthy eating
Describing yourself and others
Talking about the future

S3 Describing where you live
Describing your house
Describing your town
Talking about other countries
Talking about the past
Talking about future plans

Spanish topics S2 and S3

S2 All about school
Family and friends
Describing towns
Talking about holidays

S3 Healthy Eating
Holidays in the past
Free time activities
At the restaurant
Going out

Culture - encouraging Responsible Citizens in Languages

There is an emphasis on learning about the culture behind the language in all 3 languages. This is in order to gain a wider perspective about other ways of thinking and other views of the world, while at the same time appreciating how special and valuable our own culture and language is. For example in Gaelic we look at Gaelic place names in the community, shinty, Feisean and Mod, and the world of work in Gaelic. In French and Spanish we look at French speaking countries, food, European countries, famous French people. We use TV programmes and films to develop cultural awareness.

Homework in all languages

Homework in Languages consists of extending the work completed in class through writing or learning or something that complements it (research/presentation work)
Speaking a language depends on being able to produce the words and phrases you need in different contexts. There are many resources to help you, but in most practical situations you need to rely on your own resources: you need to have the basic language patterns at your fingertips. Learning homework helps you build your knowledge of these patterns. Once learned, they provide connections which make learning other languages much easier!

Pathways into S4 and beyond

Pupils will be able to carry on with any language they have studied in S3 as they move into S4 and beyond. We present pupils at all levels in all languages.