Higher English

In Higher English you will study a variety of different texts in order to broaden your awareness of language and develop your critical reading skills. You will also develop your essay writing skills, ability to understand and analyse text and your literacy skills.

The course demands that you:

· Produce a Folio of writing. (This will be worth 30% of the overall grade.) Your Folio will consist of two pieces of writing:

o “Discursive” (Argumentative / Persuasive / Report)
o “Creative” (Imaginative Short Story / Reflective)

· Complete two exams:

1. The Close Reading Paper

o There are two articles to read in the Higher Close Reading paper. They usually deal with the same subject, but offer different viewpoints. You will be given Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation questions to answer, with a final question that asks you to compare the two pieces.
o This exam is worth 30%.

2. The Critical Reading Paper

o This paper requires you to write one critical essay and complete 1 Scottish set text analysis in 1 hour and 30 minutes. (That’s 45 minutes for each task!)
o For this you will study three genres of literature: prose, drama and poetry.
o This part of the exam is worth 40%.

The Higher course is very challenging. It is extremely important that you:

· Work hard!
· Complete all class work;
· Complete ALL homework on time;
· Carefully read the comments/ next steps on your work as these take time to write and they will be helpful to your progress;
· Be thoroughly prepared for all assessments!


More information can be found on the SQA website-