The Department

Oban High School Mathematics Department consists of nine highly motivated teachers with varied experience and personalities. The members of the department work very much as a team where the individual contribution is valued. Teaching approaches are discussed freely in order to promote greater continuity and progression in pupils’ learning.

This forward thinking and supportive team seeks to promote Mathematics both within and outside the classroom. Pupils are encouraged to participate in school-based and national competitions, including SMC Maths Challenge; UKMT—Junior, Intermediate, Senior.

In addition, outside speakers have been brought in to further motivate pupils and to promote Maths in a more positive light. Maths can be fun and it is recognized that pupils can learn effectively through the appropriate use of puzzles, games and other problem-solving activities.

Very good links with associated primary schools exist - the annual Mathsfest involving P7 and S1 pupils and staff from both the primaries and secondary has helped foster these excellent links.

The department is well-resourced and IT is used to aid learning and raise attainment via extensive use of Promethean Boards and access to PCs.

The department has worked hard to maintain a high standard in all National Examinations. The work of the department and its teachers is highly regarded both within the school and in the wider community.