The aims of this course are to provide an introduction to the automotive industry and a progression route into further education or for moving directly into training or employment within the automotive industry.

The overall purpose of the Course is to ensure that candidates develop practical skills, knowledge and understanding and employability skills needed within the automotive industry as well as developing generic transferable
employability skills.

National 4

The course comprises four mandatory units as follows:

Automotive Skills: The Garage (SCQF level 4) (1 credit)
This Unit introduces candidates to the structure and organisation of the retail automotive industry and the range of job roles and responsibilities within it. Candidates will use a range of research sources and activities to help develop their knowledge and understanding of the automotive industry, the businesses within it, and the diversity of job roles it offers. The Unit also provides a basic introduction to some of the health and safety legislation applicable to
vehicle service and repair workshops.

Automotive Skills: The Technician (SCQF level 4) (1 credit)
This Unit has a practical focus and introduces candidates to some of the tools and techniques used by technicians in the automotive industry. Candidates will use a range of common hand tools as well as more specialised tools and equipment such as the torque wrench and trolley jack. Candidates will also learn the names, functions and serviceability of automotive components while engaging in practical activities and gain basic knowledge of working safely in an automotive engineering environment.

Automotive Skills: The Car (SCQF level 4) (1 credit)
This Unit introduces candidates to basic safety checks, wheel changing and valeting as carried out by technicians in the automotive industry. The candidate will use a range of common hand tools, as well as more specialised tools and equipment. To enrich the candidate/s understanding and range of associated skills they will carry out engineering
processes such as removing and refitting vehicle service items.

Automotive Skills: The Vehicle Modification Project (SCQF level 4) (1 credit)
This Unit comprises a practical project and is designed to be completed after the Units

Automotive Skills: The Technician and Automotive Skills

The Car, consolidating the previous practical skills developed. Candidates select a modification project to carry out on a vehicle enabling them to put into practice and further develop some of the basic hand skills and problem solving abilities that an Automotive Technician requires.