Early Education and Childcare

The Early Education and Childcare Courses can help you begin to prepare for working in the early education and childcare sector by giving you basic knowledge about how children develop and by developing your employability skills. You will begin to understand some of the demands and responsibilities associated with working in this sector.

The emphasis of these courses is to help you prepare for working in the early education and childcare sector but also to help you develop skills which will be useful in any job, e.g. timekeeping, teamwork, customer care, problem solving and goal setting.

At each level the course will involve the completion of three mandatory units and one optional unit. You will be assessed for each unit using National Assessment Bank (NAB) materials.

National 4

At National 4 you will study the development of children from birth to young adulthood, how play can affect the development of children, and you will gain an insight into the various types of early education and childcare provision available for children.

The course is designed as an introduction to early education and childcare and it will help you to begin to understand some of the demands and responsibilities of working in this sector.

National 5

This course follows similar learning and assessment methods to National 4 but the work is more in depth and will cover a broader range of topics in each area of study. You will also have the chance to develop a wider range of skills including research skills, the ability to evaluate the planning and preparation of play and to develop self-confidence and a positive attitude if you are considering working in this area.