Early Education and Childcare (Higher)

The Course will form an important part of the national provision, both for those who have identified the field of early education and childcare as their chosen career path and also for any candidates following a programme of study at Higher level who may wish to extend their educational experience. The knowledge acquired in the areas of child development, developmental theory and holistic approaches to child health may be transferable to other academic or career pathways, particularly those which involve working with children.

The Course provides opportunities for you to:
• acquire specialist knowledge and understanding required to contribute to the care, learning and development of children aged 0-12 years.
• develop the ability to apply knowledge to a range of early education and childcare environments.
• develop the ability to analyse and evaluate within the early education and childcare setting.

This Course comprises three mandatory Units, as follows:
DM3X 12 Child Development: Birth to 12 Years (H) 1 credit (40 hours)
DM3Y 12 Developmental Theory in Early Education and Childcare (H) 1 credit (40 hours)
DM40 12 Holistic Approaches to Child Health (H) 1 credit (40 hours)

Course assessment
To achieve the Course award the candidate must pass all the internal assessments associated with the component Units and the Course assessment. The candidate’s grade is based on the Course assessment.

The external assessment will consist of two question papers each with a time allocation of 1hr 20 minutes and each worth 50 marks. The total mark available is 100. There is a break of 20 minutes between each paper. Further details of the  Course assessment are given in the Course Assessment Specification and in the Specimen Question Paper.