Engineering Skills

These Courses focus on the four broad areas of Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic, Fabrication and Manufacture. This will allow you to gain basic transferable skills which can be applied to any of the above engineering areas. The generic employability skills are integrated into each Unit and will be delivered alongside the practical activities of each Unit. This will help you to understand that skills such as time-keeping, following instructions and carrying
out quality checks of your own work are just as important as the practical skills which you will learn.

National 4

This course is made up of 4 mandatory units and the final Manufacture and Assembly Unit allows you the opportunity to bring together the mechanical, electrical/electronic and fabrication skills you have learned in the previous units.

Students will learn to use the correct tools and components to set up and use a low voltage circuit, make an object using basic skills including bolting, riveting, screwing, soldering welding and the use of adhesives and learn how to use basic tools and develop the skills of measuring, marking, cutting, shaping, drilling and tapping.

National 5

The course follows similar learning and assessment methods but has been designed to provide a basis for progression into further education or for moving directly into training or employment within an engineering sector. The overall purpose of the Course is to ensure that you will start to develop the generic and practical skills, knowledge and understanding and employability skills needed within an engineering sector.

Students will select and use the correct tools and components and follow circuit diagrams to set up working low voltage circuits for certain purposes, also learn the tools and procedures used to test, disassemble, repair and re-assemble suitable items and learn how to use basic tools to make an object using basic engineering skills of cutting, shaping, drilling, forming and joining. Students will develop their computer aided draughting (CAD) skills to design,
construct and test a project item, producing a suitable report of this project