The opportunity to acquire skills in hairdressing is offered on this course. The units will allow you to decide if you are interested in following a career in the industry. It will give you an understanding of what’s it’s like to work in a salon
and what your employer will expect from you. A high standard or personal presentation is essential.

As well as giving you experience in practical hairdressing skills, this course will also teach you more general skills and attitudes required for the workplace to prepare you for employment. You will gain practical experience of general salon duties to support stylists and assist with client care, and more specific skills such as shampooing,
conditioning and drying hair. You will also have the chance to explore the creative side of hairdressing.

National 4

This basic hair qualification covers the kind of apprenticeship skills required by the hairdressing industry. There are four Mandatory units in this course, each assessed by National Assessment Bank (NAB) materials.

You will design your own mood board and work on your own creations on a mannequin head. You will learn about customer care and how important it is to work with others within a team, and you will gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of different staff within a salon environment.

You will be given the opportunity to enter the Argyll College competition in hairdressing and the chance to win products or services from the college salon.

National 5

Some students can join this more advanced course directly, while others are better completing the National 4 course first. Again, the course consists of 4 units with NAB assessments.

You will be given the chance to develop your creativity by researching this year’s looks and gaining an understanding of how fashion trends influence hair styles. You will develop an understanding of salon duties, health and safety law, reception work and customer care. You’ll learn or develop practical salon skills such as shampooing hair, applying conditioning treatments using massage techniques, hair-up styles and blow drying hair. In the final unit you will gain a basic understanding of the colouring process, learning about preparing hair before the colouring, and learn the basics of colour application. 

Students under 16 years of age will not be allowed to work with colour products or have their hair coloured.