The department consists of Principal Teacher Ms Rae, and subject teachers Mrs Binnie, Mr Hale, Ms Penfold and Mr Robertson.

In addition the department offers other experiences beyond the classroom to enhance pupils’ learning, this includes: handling historical artefacts, holding mock elections , cinema visits, quizzing elected representatives or taking part in trips to the Scottish Paliament and the First World War Battlefields. Pupils have used some of these experiences to forge further links with our community through Armistice Services and friendship groups.

For more information on the courses taught at each stage please select from the drop down menu below.


S1 - S3 Curriculum

We work closely with our Geography colleagues to deliver a social subjects course for S1 and S2 and the department offers a wide and interesting variety of History and Modern Studies subjects; through the delivery of the BGE in S1 – 3, and certificate courses from National 4/5 through to Advanced higher, in both subjects, enabling progression from S1 to S6.

In History the BGE allows opportunities to study broad themes of Scottish, British and European History for example, in S1 –S3 History: Sources of History ,the Romans, Wars of Independence and the Holocaust, and in S3 electives, The First World War and Scotland in Change.

S4 - S6 Curriculum

National Qualifications in History comprise of the following courses, again following themes of Scottish, British and European history.

National 4/5 History: Atlantic Slave Trade, Nazi Germany, Migration and Empire

Higher History: The Impact of the Great War, Britain 1850s – 1950s, Appeasement and the Road to War.

Advanced Higher History: Democracy to Dictatorship Germany 1918-39