Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

The Faculty of Geography, Philosophy and Belief is located in two different locations on the ground floor of the school. Geography at the end of the social subjects corridor has three dedicated classrooms. Philosophy and Belief at the start of the Technical corridor has two dedicated classrooms.

Philosophy and Belief is taught by Miss Brady and Mr Duncan.

Details of the courses available are shown in the menu below.

S1 - S3 Curriculum

S1-3 is taught once a week in their clan groupings. The following topics are covered.


S4 - S6 Curriculum

S4/5/6 are taught through the My Time slot.

S4 are taught National 3/4/5 in mixed ability sets, with a time allocation of 5 periods per week.

Higher/National 5 are taught in mixed ability, Bi-level sets, with an allocation of 6 periods per week.

At Higher level both RMPS and Psychology are offered as subjects.