Assessing additional support needs

Assessment helps to identify whether a child or young person has additional support needs and also helps to determine what kind of support is needed.


At Oban High School:

Before pupils arrive at Oban High School, the Support Department will have gathered large amounts of detailed information about each pupils learning journey through primary school.

S1-and beyond…
Therefore, some pupils will start their secondary education with Additional Support Need which identifies their specific need/s. This Support Summary is shared with all staff so that they can plan and prepare the best provision to maximise individual pupils learning in each subject area.

Being identified as having an Additional Support Needs is not permanent as pupils make progress they can overcome their barriers to learning. Likewise, if a pupil starts to face difficulties with their learning, a request for assessment (a referral) can be made by a teacher, a parent / guardian, or by the pupils themselves.

The list is fluid and is up-dated regularly. Up-dates will be communicated to all staff using SEEMIS.