Additional Support Needs
a child or young person has additional support needs if he or she is, or is likely to be, unable to benefit from school education without additional support.

Appropriate Agencies
other agencies which have a legal obligation to help education authorities carry out their duties under the ASL Act. These include Social Work, Health Board, other local authorities, Careers Scotland, colleges and universities.

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Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP)
a planning document for pupils with long-lasting complex or multiple barriers to learning who require a range of additional support from other services. It describes the pupil’s needs and how these needs
affect his or her ability to learn. It describes the type of support that is needed and states who will provide this support. The CSP must be reviewed every 12 months or earlier if there is significant change in a child’s circumstances.

Educational Psychologist
a chartered psychologist specialising in education. He or she can give advice about additional support needs to parents, schools, the Education Authority, other agencies such as the Careers Service, and may contribute directly to assessments.

Other Agencies
a number of other agencies, such as voluntary organisations, may help support a child or young person’s learning but do not have a legal obligation to do so, unlike Appropriate Agencies such as Health or Social Work who must provide support unless this is in conflict with other duties.

Planned Partnerships
an agreement between classroom Teacher and the Classroom Assistant, showing who and how the Classroom Assistant will support and add value to what the teacher is doing.

a referral is a request for a pupil to be assessed to see if additional support is required.

Special Needs Assistant
a special needs assistant will help SEN teachers by providing support to children with learning, physical or behavioural difficulties

Staged Intervention
a sequence of steps for identifying additional support needs and finding ways of meeting these needs in an appropriate way.

Support Summary
an outline of a pupils specific support needs and recommended strategies for implementation.

these are the stages that children and young people go through in the course of their education. They include starting nursery, entering primary school, moving on to secondary school and leaving school.

Universal Child Plan (UCP)
a single planning framework – available for children who require extra support to address a child or young person’s needs and improve their wellbeing. The Universal Child’s Plan is part of the GIRFEC approach to promote, support and safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.