School of Dance

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Mrs D. Gemmell


Dance Studio


See noticeboard outside Dance Studio

We are delighted that Oban High School provides a unique opportunity for S1-6 pupils to receive specialist dance tuition, alongside their mainstream secondary curriculum.  Boys and girls are encouraged to apply, as are those with previous dance experience and those without any experience at all.  The most important thing is passion and enthusiasm for dance.

As well as learning and developing dance skills in a wide range of genres, the creative and collaborative nature of dance can also generate great personal and social benefits increasing self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

There are 2 tiers to the School of Dance programme. 

Tier 1

School of Dance

The first tier of the SoD programme is organised as follows.

Pupils enrolled in the top tier, more vocational route, will take part in SoD 1 or 2 periods out of 8 every day. 

Pupils following this route in S4 will keep 1 column of their 6 National subjects for their SoD time.  

Pupils in S5 and 6 will keep one column out of their 5 for SoD time. 

Pupils in S1/2/3 will be extracted from their broad general education following discussion and examination of their timetable.  Pupils in this programme will dance every day after school from 4-6pm and will be joined by any Primary pupils from local primaries who also wish to follow this vocational route.  Sessions will include Rhythmic Gymnastics, Classical Ballet, Pointe work, Repertoire, Pas de  Deux, Contemporary, Fitness and Body Conditioning. There may also be opportunities to attend National and International events.

School of Dance

There may be variations to this model depending on individual circumstances/timetabling/studio availability.

Tier 2

The second tier of the school of programme is organised as follows. 

S1 classes – 2 curricular periods and 1 hour after school
S2 classes – 2 curricular periods and 1 hour after school
S3 –2 curricular periods and 1 hour after school
S4/5/6 1 curricular period

S1 S2 and S3 pupils will receive their tuition by extraction.  S4/5/6 will receive their tuition during National Dance timetabled sessions.

S1 and S2 work experience Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. the OHS Dance Show and other community events or school shows.

S3 pupils will work on the NPA in Dance Level 4.  Pupils will also work towards performance for school shows and events.

S4/5/6 pupils may have the opportunity to enter National 5 and Higher Dance National Qualifications.  Senior pupils from both tiers of the SoD programme will have an opportunity to work together during these National Periods.  Pupils could also be put forward for National Certificate Level 6 award in a dance genre of their choice if they were at the required level.  Again, these options are flexible and depend on timetabling/studio and staff availability and could change yearly.