School of Rugby

Teacher Responsible

Mr M. Hamilton


3G Pitch


S1 and S2 – Friday periods 4 and 5

S3 – Tuesday periods 5 and 6

School of Rugby is an SRU supported initiative; this provides the opportunity for students to be a part of an additional class in S1-S3. The students will train and improve their skills in Rugby specifically but more importantly they will develop the underlying values of Oban High School.

Bulls Sharks match

Students will be expected to uphold the values and meet the expectations of the class. Students sign a contract and classes will be by extraction; any missed work will be the responsibility of the student to keep up to date and the coaches will help with this. Students will be provided with training kit and there will be playing and competition opportunities throughout the year. In S3 the students will double the School of program with their National 4 Physical Education; this will help them to achieve an additional National qualification or help them to work towards a full National 5 in Physical Education by the end of S4.

In 2020/21 the start time is still to be confirmed but the classes will run at the following times throughout the year:

S1 and S2 – Friday periods 4 and 5
S3 – Tuesday period 5 and 6

The expectation is that students in School of Rugby will attend all curricular and extra-curricular sessions. The Extra Curricular sessions are on a Wednesday after school on the Astro pitch 4-5:30pm. These are run in partnership with local club coaches. All of the school of Rugby classes are open to Boys and Girls at Oban High School.