School of Traditional Music

Teacher Responsible

Mrs. M. Gage


Music Department


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The School of Traditional Music is a school of excellence programme designed to provide high-quality tuition in Traditional Music Instruments to pupils whilst also providing them with opportunities to perform regularly, both as soloists and as an ensemble.

Pupils have performed in a range of high-profile venues, including on BBC television at the Traditional Music Awards.

Pupils receive instrumental lessons throughout the school year, as well as additional full-day “Ensemble Days” which allow them to collaborate and play with their peers. Tuition is provided by industry-leading professional musicians under the musical directorship of instrumentalist and composer, Sileas Sinclair.

A key aspect of the School of Traditional Music is to prepare pupils for a potential career in the industry. Therefore, a great deal of time is invested in improving pupils’ skills in composition, touring, equipment set-up and collaboration as well as developing their skills on their chosen instruments.

Entry to the School of Traditional Music is by audition and details are advertised to pupils in school.