Head Teacher Covid Update 8

26th April in School

26th April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and well as we enter another week of uncertain times. Can I begin with repeating my thanks to all of our staff and those in the community who continue to keep us safe, well and learning.

I am sure that through following my regular letters to you all that it is clear the health and welfare of our children remains paramount. Of course as a school we continue to seek to provide a continuity of education that can keep youngsters both physically and mentally engaged whilst restricted to their homes, on the whole. Education should continue to be seen in its widest sense. There is great worth in playing games with family members, in gardening, cooking and DIY activities. Take advantage of the extra time available to embrace a new hobby or interest, read more books, attempt puzzles. There is also great benefit, for both children and adults alike, in using social media to keep in touch with loved ones and friends. All these new experiences should be seen as educational and all will help us cope with current times. I’m sure the new experiences and lessons learned will help us all, not just our children in the future.

All our teachers are still delivering online educational packages. Our Primary colleagues and S1/S2 teachers continue to share new work each week that will ensure that our youngsters have some degree of continuity of learning to their classwork when they come back to school proper. Our S3-S5 class teachers are uploading work that will make continuity of next session’s SQA work easier to continue on from. The Google Classroom (GC) codes to access all these resources were issued last week and copies can be found on the website.

The most pressing issue for next week is linked to ensuring all our children are safe and well. Teachers have so far been providing Guidance with names of those pupils not engaging with lessons and this has been very useful. If a youngster has engaged in lessons, they are effectively registering and the assumption has been they are well. Our Guidance and Support staff have been calling those not logging on. However with the current situation looking like it is going to last for a considerable length of time, we wish to re-affirm our welfare checks ensure not a single child is missed. I thought you would appreciate a note of the procedures I have just given to staff.

The following welfare checks and follow up procedures will be implemented from Monday 27th April, repeated each week:

Pupils will be asked to log onto their My Time GC code and answer a few short questions to check that they are safe and well; and do/do not require support. If they have not responded by the Wednesday morning, My Time teachers are to email a list of names to the office support assigned to the relevant Clan by 9.30 am on the Wednesday Morning. The office staff will then send out a supportive text to parents, encouraging their children to sign onto their My Time GC code.

If no reply has been had by Friday at 9 am; the My Time teacher will immediately send a list of all those who have not logged on to the Clan Guidance PT and the Office support for the Clan by 9.30 am. The Clan Team of Depute Head; Principal Teacher of Guidance, Family Liaison Officer; Office support and assigned support staff will all meet online at 10.30. The list of names will be shared across the team for calls to be made. Those who have not logged on will then receive a phone call home to parents. The team will continue to call until such time as they speak to a parent and ensure all is well at home.

The My Time GC Codes are attached. Please share these with your child / children. If there are any problems, send an email to us via the website or email your child’s Guidance Teacher directly.

OHS My Time 2020 Term 4 (GC Codes).docx

Could I ask once again, that all our pupils, parents and staff complete the questionnaire I issued earlier in the week. The feedback will be used to help us determine how best to support everyone with online learning and pastoral care. Please use this link:


If you have any questions about getting online (IT issues); using the online class lessons; are in need of a free school meal; need advice about SQA, university issues or careers questions; help with your child’s social and emotional wellbeing; anything at all really. We are here to help you. Please email your child’s Guidance teacher or use the contact us section on the website


Please share these ongoing letters with your children. Thank you.

Stay home, stay online, stay safe, stay learning.

Yours faithfully


P A Bain

Executive Head Teacher

Oban High School, Tiree High School & Tiree Primary School

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