Head Teacher Covid Update 7

23rd April in School



Dear Parent / Carer
Again, I hope my letter finds you and your loved ones safe and well.
I would like to begin by adding my thanks once again for the continuing work done during the last fortnight and for the foreseeable future. Weekly food parcels are being distributed to those individuals and families at high risk in terms of their health. These 'shielding' households are receiving fresh vegetables and dairy products all packed and boxed-up by 30 members of OHS staff volunteering in two teams packing between 500 and 900 bags of produce for the west of Argyll.
Thanks again to the Technical staff. They have now made 450 masks for our NHS and Care Homes colleagues.
Since my last letter to you all, the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney has stated that “schools will be closed for the foreseeable future”; the SQA have issued further guidance to schools; and we have set up new online classes for our pupils prior to the timetable change on the 4th of May.
Should you have any questions about anything related to SQA / Exam issues, I would ask that you log onto our website and read the letters to both parents and pupils on this subject; which include FAQs:
Further information is also available for learners, parents and carers in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the SQA website:
Google Classroom: Now until change of timetable on 4th May.
S1 and S2: Please continue to use existing Google Classroom (GC) codes.
S3: Please only use your English Teacher’s GC codes. They will give you work linked to English and Scottish Studies.
S4 and S5, as previously noted, will begin their studies on the following courses:
SQA: Mental Health and Wellbeing Award. All pupils in the Clan classes below should use the following codes:
4D- David Cullen: Code fidch7r
4F- Hannah Pyne: Code ejzeaib
4O- Alison Macfarlane: Code kfldtbr
4S- Cara Potts: Code ngl2nxt
SQA: Leadership Award
5D- Hannah Pyne: Code: m6gb4cg
5F- Holly MacLeod: Code 3kwqmlr
5O- Aisling Clark; Code fzycmak
5S- David Duncan: Code nnkl2g5
S6 have no remaining SQA / school work and will be registered on Study Leave until the school re-opens; or until the last day of term if we do not re-open before the Summer. As promised to pupils in my final assembly, we will hold our Prize-giving and our seniors’ Summer Dance as soon as we can after the Summer to ensure we/they get the chance to say goodbye and mark their time with us properly.
School Leavers: Welfare
I also wish to ensure that all our school leavers (S4, S5 and S6) receive continuing support and guidance during this difficult time. We have already been liaising with Skills Development Scotland and, together with our Guidance staff, we are helping pupils prepare for their positive destinations after school. However, we will also begin to load lots of health and well-being advice onto a new separate Leavers Google Class, (Code: ty6tp5y).
We have been receiving positive feedback from the emails and discussions with staff around how we are trying to support you and your children since all this began. I would be really grateful if you could consider completing this questionnaire about your experiences. I would also appreciate if you could ask your child/children to complete the questionnaire with you. That way, we will get both a pupil and parent view on what is working and what we need to do to improve our support. Please use the following link. Thank you for your time.
As always, if anyone wishes to contact us about anything. Feel free to email your child’s Guidance Teacher or contact us at:
Stay home, stay online, stay safe, stay learning.
Yours faithfully

P A Bain
Executive Head Teacher
Oban High School, Tiree High School & Tiree Primary School

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