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12th June in School

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12th June 2022

Dear Parent/Carer (please share with your child)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, probably busier than usual, but with the added benefit of having a couple of weeks with sunny days away from school for some rest and relaxation with family and friends. I hope you all had a lovely time during these wee breaks.

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

Of course one of the extra day’s holiday was to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. My thanks to all those in the Eco-Committee who welcomed our guest of honour, Jane McLeod, the Queen’s Lord Lieutenant for Argyll and Bute. Here’s the video link for the ceremony.



I’m sure that you are well aware from the media that Covid cases are on the up again. May I reassure you that we still follow a number of measures to help keep us all safe. We still have sanitiser on entry and exit, still have ventilation protocols in place, still use a one-way system and still have extra cleaning on the go with cleaning staff wiping down all the touchpoints as much as they can for example. We also offer face coverings to anyone who forgets their own. Please keep following the guidance on the NHS website.

Change of Timetable

The most significant development over the last couple of weeks as been the change of timetable. The vast majority of pupils have coped very well with the transition into their new timetable and have done themselves proud. Each year group attended an assembly at the start of the week which refreshed and reminded everyone of our high expectations. We spoke about how getting the basics right lays a solid foundation to learning each day and explained what living each of values looks like: compassion, ambition, respect and resilience. Pupils were reminded to attend school on time, ready to learn, in full uniform with phones away and to use social media responsibly. They were reminded of the need to show respect for themselves and others. They were also reminded that there is a lot of support from all our teachers to help develop in all aspects of their life, including learning and health and wellness.


Thanks to everyone for helping us to deliver a very smooth diet of exams. Our Chief Invigilator, Mr Milligan, has praised young people for their “exemplary conduct” throughout.

This week young people who sat National exams were given printed confirmation of the estimates the school have sent to SQA. Young people have had discussions with their teachers about these grades and there should hopefully be no surprises for any young person. Attached is a leaflet staff used to guide their conversations with candidates.

Please remember estimates are based on a complete overview of a young person’s performance as indicated by assessment evidence and were collated before the Easter break; pupils could have made significant progress prior to the exam. SQA use Estimates to support requests for Exceptional Circumstances Consideration and post Certification Appeals.

Please note estimates are only used for full course awards for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. National 3 and 4, NPAs, college courses and individual units will appear on certificates in August.

A reminder that we have also encouraged pupils to sign up to MySQA to receive their SQA exam results by text or email on Results Day - Tuesday 9 August. (They still receive their SQA certificate by post). To register you need your Scottish Candidate Number and an email address:



This year’s Induction days take place on Monday 20th June, Tuesday 21st June and Wednesday 22nd June 2022. P7 (New S1) pupils should be at Oban High School for 9.00am on each of the days, and the school day will finish at 3.40pm. The first day will begin with a warm welcome from myself.

The programme gives the pupils an introduction to the practical life of the school. The Monday programme will be a day of clan sporting activities, and pupils should wear their PE kit, i.e. shorts/tracksuit bottoms, T-Shirt and trainers. Pupils follow their S1 timetable on Tuesday and Wednesday. Pupils should come equipped for lessons with pencils or pens. On Tuesday and Wednesday, pupils should wear their primary school uniform.

Pupils should bring their Young Scot card (if they have one) to use in the canteen for break snacks and lunch. We will spend time on Monday ensuring that the cards are activated for use in Oban High School. Any pupil without a Young Scot card will be issued with a 6 digit PIN which they can use instead. Pupils in receipt of free school meals will also receive these as normal.

Invitation to new S1 pupils and parents

I would like to invite parents and carers of S1 pupils to an information evening on Wednesday 22nd June. This will begin at 7.00pm and last until 8.30pm. Parents will have a tour of the school, a short presentation and the opportunity to ask questions of Deputes and Guidance

Teachers. There will also be the opportunity to meet members of the Parent Council. New S1 pupils are welcome to join their families at this event.

S1/S2 School Tours

As well as opening the school to our new parents, I am very conscious that because of Covid our new S2 and S3 parents didn’t get the chance of a tour so all parents of the new S2 and new S3 pupils are invited to come and tour the school on Thursday 16th June. The tours will start at 4.30, 5.30 and 6.30 p.m. from the school foyer. If you would like to come and have a look at our fantastic facilities, then please just select the best time for you and your family and turn up at the school foyer at your preferred time. We’ll send the booking form out via the School App beforehand.

This will also be an opportunity to view our Expressive Arts Showcase which is being presented on the same evening.

Expressive Arts Showcase

Our pupils are exceptionally talented in the fields of art, music and drama – three disciplines that lend themselves very much to the sharing of such talent very publically. Of course Covid rules have prevented such a display of talent being shared until now. I would really encourage you to come along to the Showcase event in the high school on Thursday 16th June at 7 pm. where you can walk round our art exhibition, listen to our musicians, watch drama performances and view our new photography works. Our Parent Council members have kindly agreed to do the refreshments. This will be amazing. Here’s the video promotion:


New Senior Pupil Leadership Team

New S6 pupils who are seeking a role in this year’s Senior Pupil Leadership Team have submitted application forms and have had an interview training session with myself. The applications are of a very high quality and pupils will now be invited for an interview on Wednesday 15th June. Once the interviews are complete we will announce our new Head Boy and Head Girl and our Clan Leaders. Good luck to all the candidates!

Author Visit

The English department have organised for the renowned Scottish writer, Alan Bissett, to come to the school and spend the afternoon with some of our S4 pupils developing creative writing skills. This will undoubtedly be inspiring for the S4s that are selected but also a fantastic opportunity to develop their writing skills for their National 5 portfolios.

Traditional School of Music (TSM)

Our TSM pupils will be performing in the Rockfield centre on the 23rd of June, showing off their talents and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of this specialist school provision. Tickets are available on the door.

Laurinburg 2022

This year has seen the welcome return of the Oban-Laurinburg exchange programme. This is the 29th exchange between Oban and Laurinburg, and this week we welcomed 11 American students who are being hosted by our Oban High Students for the next 2 weeks. Our students will then visit North Carolina in October. The activities kicked off with the American students accompanying our students to some classes then the prom in the evening; other activities include a boat trip, Glasgow visit and tour of Oban and Lorn. Next year will be the 30th Exchange trip and keep an eye out for the special anniversary arrangements.

Oban Dove Centre

I held a meeting with the Oban Dove Centre staff this week to discuss how the school can work in partnership with the charity.

The Dove Centre is a drop in centre that is part of the Oban Hospice. They offer support, friendship, and a variety of services for people with life limiting illnesses and their families. The school has already worked with the organisation raising over £3,500 for the charity. We are looking forward to building on this partnership to offer volunteering opportunities, and incorporating work with the Dove Centre into our curriculum in areas such as Music, Gaelic, and Administration & IT.

We are looking forward to enhancing this relationship to help raise further funds and awareness for such an important cause, and to provide more opportunities for our young people. May I encourage anyone who thinks they, or someone they know, may benefit from going along to the Dove Centre and meeting a wealth of new friends and a brilliant team of volunteers to get in touch with them.


Parent Council

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our Parent Council for their sterling efforts. Not only have many members been contributing to a number of working groups they have also been busy raising funds for a new mini-bus. We are nearly there!!

Charities Day was really successful with a few hardy parents and teachers giving up their weekend time and consequently we raised £388.65 to put back into PC funds. Thanks to all the contributors of baking, not all of whom are on the PC but many of whom were teachers. The amount, quality and variety of the baking and treats contributed was absolutely astounding; people must have worked so hard to produce it all.

A special mention to one of our pupils, Francesca, who also deserves some recognition (and Clan points). She came along and worked tirelessly and cheerfully from start to finish and, although enjoyable, it was a long afternoon.

It is wonderful to see pupils, parents and staff working together again after so long apart because of the Covid restrictions.

If you ever wish to contact the Chair (Anuschka Miller) or Vice-Chair (Lucy Files) of the Parent Council just email them via ohsparentcouncil@argyll-bute.gov.uk

Dance Show

Parent support was also on hand at the Dance Show last week. Again an event greatly missed. The staff and senior pupils who practiced with the kids for many, many hours to put on this splendid event did us all proud. If you missed it this time around you can watch my edited version here:


Summer Dance (The Prom)

The most recent event just held was the Summer Dance, renamed “The Prom” by our SPLT this year. Our senior pupils put on a wonderful event for S4-S6 pupils from Oban and Tiree in the Corran Halls. It was a well-attended event and a fitting end to the year for all our leavers. My thanks to all the seniors and staff who supervised, the band Ceol an Aire and top DJ, Sam Coates.


As always should you have any questions, ideas or even concerns, please feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” page on the website and we will be pleased to support you in whatever way we can.


I hope you all have a lovely week ahead.

Yours faithfully

P A Bain
Executive Head Teacher
Oban High School, Tiree High School & Tiree Primary School
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