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Diarmid Fingal Ossian Somerled
Diarmid Fingal Ossian Somerled

Diarmid Key contacts
Mr A. Craik - Guidance Teacher

Mrs L. Morrison - Depute Head Teacher

Fingal Key contacts
Miss C. Brady - Guidance Teacher

Mrs A. Jackson - Depute Head Teacher

Ossian Key contacts
Mrs L. Dott - Guidance Teacher

Mr R Leadbeater

Depute Head Teacher

Somerled Key contacts
Mr D. McLaughlin - Guidance Teacher

Mr K. Champion - Depute Head Teacher

At Oban High we offer pupils the opportunity to have recognition for a great many achievements, in school and out of school through our Clan system. All pupils become part of one of our four clans, Ossian, Fingal, Diarmid and Somerled.

Each week, our pupils are encouraged to share their achievements, which are celebrated during Clan assemblies. Each pupil reflects upon their achievement in tutor time, and each Clan Leader collates these. The School Captains then allocate points based on agreed criteria.

Every week, we publish the Clan charts – the Clan which has the most points at the end of the year wins the coveted Clan Shield.

A brief history of the clan system

The clan system was introduced in 1928. The pupils of the High School were divided into 3 clans; Fingal, Somerled and Ossian. Clan Diarmid was introduced in 1947.

In June 1932, the School Magazine reported that “To several of our school activities the Clan System introduced since our last issue has given order and significance, keenness and point, as well as helpful direction. Altogether it is an aid to smoother working that has been appreciated by scholars and staff.” (Reid, R. (ed.) 1993. Oban High School; The First 100 Years).

The clan system was mainly used to organise inter-clan sports competitions - with Fingal winning all of the sporting trophies in 1929! (ibid.) However, as the years passed, clan competitions and offerings branched out into debating and theatre, as well as other one off events. It appears that the clan colours were well-established by the 1970s, with boys being asked to purchase swimwear in their clan colours when the local swimming pool opened in 1975! (ibid.) As the boards in the atrium confirm, Diarmid and Somerled have been dominant over the years. However, every clan has had the honour of winning the clan shield at some point in the history of the clan system.