At the moment, the school supports 2 fundraising activities in association with the Parent Council. These are:-




If you haven’t signed up already then please think about it.

The Weather Lottery is the UK’s leading fundraising Lottery. By signing up to it, you are not only supporting Oban High School but you also have the chance to win huge prizes in their weekly lottery draw.

How it works:-
Entry into the weekly draw costs just £1 per entry. The Lottery results are calculated using weather temperatures from selected destinations around Europe on a particular day each week. Players are assigned 6 numbers when registering. These numbers are checked against the last 6 digits of temperatures that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.

Support us: Sign up today
• Log into
• Click PLAY NOW
• Under EDUCATION select “Oban High School” from the list
• Fill in the entry form with your details
You will then receive an email with your weekly lottery numbers.
At the moment, The Weather Lottery raises over £700.00 per year for Parent Council funds. With more playing we could easily increase this amount.

EASYFUNDRAISING is a great way to raise money for the school just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra.
How it works:-
Let’s say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis. Instead of going to directly, you first go to From this website, click through to John Lewis to make your purchase. This tells John Lewis you came from easyfundraising. The price of the shoes is exactly the same. After you buy your shoes, John Lewis will give you a cash reward that you can turn into a donation for the charity you have chosen, in this case Oban High School. Easyfundraising collect this and send it on to the school at no extra cost.

This is a great way to raise money, especially at peak shopping times like Christmas. If you shop regularly online, please think about going through
Most of the major retailers (over 2,700) participate in this system.